Letter: A snowball in Trumpworld

Wednesday, June 07, 2017
A snowball in Trumpworld

So we all presumably remember that during the campaign, Donald Trump was asked for the name of someone he relies on for foreign policy advice. His famous answer: “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said lots of things. . . . My primary consultant is myself.”

Trump’s approach seems not to have changed much since he became president. In deciding to withdraw from the Paris climate change accord, he consulted himself and remembered his own thoughtful scientific analysis: global warming is a “total con-job,” “nonexistent, “a “hoax” invented by the Chinese. The only evolution in his thinking would seem to be that perhaps the hoax was invented by Germany. Or NATO. Or maybe by every country in the world except Syria and Nicaragua – the two non-signers of the accord.

In any event, Trump apparently also consulted Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, who pushed hard for Trump to walk away from the Paris accord and has applauded the decision. Inhofe is the guy who brought a snowball into the Senate chamber in order to prove once and for all that it was cold outside that winter day and that global warming is indeed “the greatest hoax,” which by coincidence happens to be the name of his book on the topic.

President Trump was clearly convinced by the snowball demonstration. In Trumpworld, what he wants to be true is much more important than anything that stodgy, stuffy science might tell him.