Letter: Meeting on Mount Sunapee

Friday, August 11, 2017
Meeting on Mount Sunapee

The state of New Hampshire has announced an “informational meeting” at Mount Sunapee State Park Ski Resort’s lodge on Aug. 22 at 6 p.m. Och-Ziff, the hedge fund recently criminally sanctioned by the Department of Justice, will present its case for why citizens of N.H. should not worry about its becoming the latest lease holder at Mount Sunapee State Park’s ski resort.

The original lease agreement makes definite provision for state of New Hampshire oversight in the event of a transfer. The lease transfer to Och-Ziff avoided oversight of Gov. Chris Sununu and the current Executive Council, clearly violating those terms.

Additionally, mortgage provisions within the latest lease agreement contain language that opens up Mount Sunapee State Park to resource extraction, and also allows Och-Ziff to use the leased area of the park as collateral for unknown financial purposes, thereby exposing the state to potential financial liabilities.

We need an in-depth, transparent review of the lease transfer and all related documents to determine the financial risk to the citizens of New Hampshire. The attorney general’s opinion that this lease transfer to Och-Ziff is outside the purview of state oversight contradicts the terms of the original lease. Our elected officials are charged with examining risk and financial security essential to maintaining the public trust, which is standard practice for all state contracts. Citizens who are concerned about this erosion of the “public” in our state’s public lands will want to be at the Aug. 22 meeting and make their concerns known.


New London