Septic service provides tips, expertise

Saturday, April 22, 2017

When you turn on the faucet in your kitchen or flush the toilet in your bathroom, you probably don’t think about where that wastewater goes. Until something goes wrong, of course!

Best Septic Service Inc. in Loudon is a family-owned, full service septic company that has been providing the Greater Concord area with their expertise and knowledge for 50 years.

Founded in 1967, by Harold S. Colby, Best Septic Service began just as the industry was getting started. New was the idea of septic maintenance as a preventative measure and Best Septic Service provided pumping and education to all the folks in and around Concord.

Colby retired in 1990, and he turned the reins over to employee Paul Johnson, who now co-owns Best Septic Service with his wife, Darlene.

“Understanding how your septic system works and how frequently you should have it pumped is vital information for every homeowner,” Johnson explained. “While three years is the average timeline to have your septic system pumped, it depends on the size of the system, how many people live in your house, etc. The best way to figure it out is to visit our website, bestseptic
service.com, and fill out the worksheet we’ve provided.”

The Best Septic Service website has a wealth of information available. Beyond the handy Pumping Frequency Worksheet, there are lots of tips for homeowners and informative documents.

“I can’t stress this enough, but the number one tip is that your toilet is not a trash can,” Johnson said. “You should not be flushing any sort of cleaning wipes, sanitary items, noting but toilet paper, down the toilet. This applies to both homes on septic systems or on sewer lines.”

Other tips? Don’t do consecutive loads of laundry; space loads at least an hour or two apart. Do mow your lawn over leach fields; this allows the leach field to breathe and prevents root penetration. Do install risers over your tank covers; this allows quick access to the tank for service at all times of the year and no more digging!

Best Septic Service can install risers, unplug pipes, repair outlet baffles and pump your system. They also rent portable toilets.

“Our portable toilet rentals are great for backyard parties,” Johnson said. “You don’t want to add that strain to your septic system, so they’re a great alternative.”

As environmentalists, Paul and Darlene Johnson believe that the most environmental action is to complete the cycle of re-cycling. True recycling is taking a waste (septage) product, cleaning it up in a naturally proactive way and then reusing it, such as putting back in the ground as fertilizer, the building up of loam and recharging local aquifers.

“We really take pride in the work that we do,” Johnson said. “Maintaining your septic system and knowing how it impacts the environment around you is such an important responsibility.”

Scheduling flexibility, knowledgeable office staff, and quality service are all strong attributes of Best Septic Service, but the service they are most proud of is the level of education they provide to their customers.

If you’re looking to pump your septic system, or want to learn more about how it all works, call Best Septic Service at 225- 9057.