Letter: Medical sprawl’s winners and losers

Friday, June 16, 2017
Medical sprawl’s winners and losers

Concord Orthopaedics has good reasons for wanting some land on Pleasant Street rezoned. And, the overall net benefit to Concord of such a change may well be positive. The problem is that rezoning that property will create both winners and losers, and there are no plans to compensate the losers, the folks currently living in the area.

Rezoning this area without addressing the full economic, social and other costs that may be borne by the people living in the affected area constitutes a taking, and should not be allowed without adequate compensation, even if those costs will not be realized immediately. Our relationships with our neighbors are valuable, although hard to monetize. Additional traffic, noise and dust are inconveniences that affect the quality of our lives. The time, energy and cost of moving to a new home can be very significant. Few homeowners would accept an offer to sell at the current “fair” market price.

To make this a fair deal, Concord Ortho should be required to put some money on the table for the losers of the deal, and negotiate (or arbitrate, if necessary) their acquiescence to the rezoning.

John V. Kjellman