Letter: Bill targets fair wages

Thursday, February 16, 2017
Bill targets fair wages

On Feb. 8, I attended and spoke at a hearing that was held in Representatives Hall on House Bill 520, which would reduce worker’s funding of collective bargaining costs.

The collective bargaining contract between employer and employee covers all workers whether a union member or not and currently all that are covered pay the required cost to the union for negotiating the worker’s benefit contract. This bill would encourage workers to quit paying the union costs of collective bargaining, therefore the employer would then dictate pay and benefits, if any, that the employees will receive for their work efforts.

The bill is cleverly labeled “right to work” and is a national effort by employers to avoid paying fair wages and benefits.

After a six-hour public hearing, the House Committee on Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services voted inexpedient to legislate (i.e.: kill the bill) based on the overwhelming testimony to vote Bill 520 down.

My latest understanding is that all House Republicans may vote in favor of reducing worker funding (i.e. pass the bill).

I sincerely hope that all the House members will vote in the best interest of the employees and defeat this bill.

The House vote is today, Feb. 16.

George Fryer