Letter: Left must focus on legislation

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Left must focus on legislation

I am proud to have been a Democrat for many years. But the label Democrat does not mean as much as it used to. In the years before and after World War II it, meant standing up for the middle class, the working man, those on welfare and the needy in general.

My concern is that the Democratic Party has lost its way, lost a reason to be supported and deserved to lose to Donald Trump. While I supported Hillary Clinton as the lesser of two evils, I think she ran a terrible campaign.

And now I see the party wandering around without any message except how bad Trump is. The hope the Dems have is that he will be big failure, which may not happen.

There are signs in the grassroots of recognition of this problem. I am getting numerous requests to support small local and national efforts to recruit candidates who will run campaigns that are not built on negatives. They are working on local elections for town, county, state, school board and Congress. The Republicans have been doing this for years and now control many states.

Controlling states gives tremendous leverage in federal elections.

It is fun for liberals to criticize and laugh at Trump’s tweets and the mess he has in his administration. But this does not change anything. Let’s start promoting legislation that will be positive for all our citizens.

The following organizations are working for all of us even though the memberships are mainly Democrats at this time: One local organization is: actionnetwork.org/groups/lakes-region-huddle. A national one is brandnewcongress.org.


Center Harbor