Letter: Empower the people

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Empower the people

As the people, it is important that we not only voice our concerns and vote for those we believe in but also that we have the ability to become more empowered as individuals. Without that empowerment, we would become fully dependent on our government to provide the most basic of necessities.

Capitalism, despite its flaws, allows us to become financially empowered. It lets us reach for our dreams in the hopes of achieving a financial dream on many different levels – different for each of us.

Recently, newly elected Gov. Chris Sununu signed into law “constitutional carry,” citing it as a “common-sense law.” I fully support this. I know many of you agree and some disagree. I hope that as we continue down our path together we can have these conversations and continue to strengthen not only our government but ourselves as individuals.

Kevin Miller