Letter: Strengthen the marketplace

Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Strengthen the marketplace

While I’m glad that Ambetter has decided to stay in New Hampshire, many other insurance companies across the country have announced their exit from the ACA exchanges. This is exactly why Congress and the administration need to work together now to implement policies that will strengthen the insurance marketplaces.

Before the passage of the ACA, my insurance premiums were increasing annually by double-digit amounts, and my employees had only one choice for their health care provider. Negotiating, renewing and securing health care for my employees was such a laborious task. But being able to enroll in a group plan in the small business marketplace through Healthcare.gov has saved me money, time and headaches.

However, because the president is refusing to guarantee insurance cost-sharing subsidies, this uncertainty is going to cause rates to skyrocket for marketplace enrollees across the country. If premiums increase next year in New Hampshire’s marketplaces as much as they’re predicting, this will be larger than any premium hike I experienced prior to the ACA.

Instead of allowing the marketplaces to collapse, it’s time for Congress and the White House to work together on bipartisan legislation to strengthen the health care law.


North Conway