Letter: An easy solution

Monday, July 17, 2017
An easy solution

Who says “solving” the health care “crisis” is difficult?

Can we not begin by recognizing that in 2017, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must include full access to the health care system?

Would it not be interesting to calculate what we as a society would save by making private health care irrelevant, eliminating private health care administrators, and ceasing to pay extraordinary and unconscionable salaries to those in the health care industry who would make their raison d’etre to screw their insureds, and preclude claims? What is so tough?

Should we not be sick and tired of monkeying around (read: congressional meanderings) and broaden the national health care system so that all would justly benefit, i.e., Medicare for all? What fair and just society causes the annual family to pay more for health care insurance than it does for a mortgage? Why do we not all just stand up and scream, “It is not right!”?

If not now, when?