Letter: Ward 8 update

Friday, July 14, 2017
Ward 8 update

​I would like to let voters in Ward 8 know that I have been following Northern Pass very closely. I have been talking to people about issues regarding the new taller utility poles erected from Portsmouth Street over Old Loudon Road and appears to be headed toward Branch Turnpike.

I have been told these poles have nothing to do with the Northern Pass, which is slated to come extremely close to McKenna’s Purchase. If they continue to pursue this project, I am hoping they will bury those lines. There is no one who cares to have these big poles in their backyard. I can promise you I will be following this very closely.

In a second issue facing the Ward 9 voters, you have a special election coming up on Tuesday, July 18, to fill the vacant state representative seat. Two candidates are hoping you will give them your support.

Kris Schultz, a Democrat, and Michael Feeley, a Republican, have been meeting voters. I was pleased to have met both of these fine citizens of Ward 9. Michael was a candidate last year in the race for state representative while Kris won a special primary in late May.

I am sure they will represent Ward 9 well if elected. However, where Ward 8 and 9 are neighboring wards and share many issues on the Concord Heights, I am pleased to lend my support to Kris Schultz.

Both candidates are very knowledgeable about the issues facing this state and this city. Kris is very passionate and has been involved in many community programs.