Letter: Denying Hopkinton gun range would be terrible precedent

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The towns of Hopkinton and Warner are considering whether to allow a gun range to be built near the town line in Warner. A number of Hopkinton residents asked their select board to oppose the range. They were the majority of those present.

This as an issue where a minority needs government protection. Minorities are not just people with different skin color. They are people who might do things in their homes or on their own property that the majority might not personally like. Whether it be religious ceremonies, adult relationships, or recreational shooting, even if the majority of townspeople oppose an activity, it is a terrible precedent to disregard the rights of minority groups. Especially when that group’s activities will be fully legal, regulated, and licensed.

We cannot stop guns from being present in our community. We cannot even stop guns from being fired within hearing range of the high school. We can, however, ensure there is proper environmental and safety oversight, that experienced gun safety instructors are available, and that a well-regulated environment is made available for people who do choose to shoot guns.

Hopkinton had the wisdom to build Spirit Park, so skaters would have a properly designed place for their sport. Due to the dangers inherent with firearms, it is all the more important that we have the same wisdom with respect to shooters.

Denis Goddard