Letter: Fixing the school calendar

Sunday, September 10, 2017
Fixing the school calendar

As I look back on my school days, Concord started school the Wednesday after Labor day and we got out of school usually the second week in June. The difference back then compared to today is simple: School was not called off if we were getting 5 inches of snow – and we got a lot more snow back then compared to what we get now.

The teachers didn’t have as many teacher workshop days back then either.

My suggestion is to rethink January thru June. I would eliminate the February and April vacation and have a late March or early April vacation. I mentioned this idea to a teacher once and the response I got was, “We need the two vacations.” My response was that you go from August/September to December with only one vacation, and secondly, you chose this line of work. Any other line of work, you don’t get this many days off.

This could be an easy fix to start later and get out earlier.