Letter: A scam against N.H. voters

Monday, April 17, 2017

Next week, the Republican majority in the New Hampshire House will be asked to pass their latest version of voter suppression in the Granite State.

SB3, as their bill is called, is an incredibly complex and long proposal that redefines domicile for voting purposes, while “not effecting anyone’s right to vote” according to its promoters. Of course it does affect people’s right to vote. It does so by requiring people who use our same-day registration process to sign a form, under oath, that no one in their right mind and full faculties could understand without intensive study and the assistance of a capable attorney.

This is a scam. It will slow up voting, deter people who otherwise have a right to vote, and increase local costs by requiring more election supervisors. The people of NH deserve better. And the GOP should be ashamed.

Peter Hoe Burling