Letter: Health care freedom

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Health care freedom

A Medicare-for-all plan in the Unites States would increase personal freedoms, and it would be good for businesses of all sizes.

Individuals would have:

1. Freedom to change jobs or to become self-employed without worrying about insurance coverage.

2. Freedom to use any health care provider, rather than being subjected to narrow provider networks.

3. Freedom to travel and not be concerned about what to do if you need medical care while away from home.

4. Freedom from bankruptcy due to medical bills.

5. Freedom from rotting teeth, with full dental coverage.

6. Long-term care coverage.

Pre-existing conditions would become moot, and no one could lose coverage for any reason whatsoever.

Business owners would no longer need to be concerned about administering insurance plans for employees, and could spend that time and money building their businesses or simply enjoying the extra profit.

The small increase in personal taxes (about 2.2 percent of gross income) would be offset by the fact that there would be no premiums deducted from paycheck, no deductibles and tiny (or zero) co-pays when accessing health care.

The only losers in this plan are the for-profit insurance companies – particularly the executives. Many of the workers and lower-level managers could be re-employed by the federal government to do the same kind of work they’re doing now. I imagine that some deal could be cut to satisfy the stockholders in those companies as well. After that, let freedom ring!