Letter: ‘Monitor’ negativity

Friday, April 21, 2017
‘Monitor’ negativity

As one of the organizers of the Capital Arts Fest on May 6, I am proud to say that this has been an amazing and transformative project.

More than 20 local groups will come together for a day of cultural fun that will go from dawn to dusk. Local musicians, theaters and artisans will proudly offer up their crafts, and national acts will come to Concord – as the city with the new Main Street proudly puts the world on notice that this is a great place to be – and the cultural capital of our state.

Dozens of volunteers have worked long hours designing, planning and enlisting others. Numerous local businesses have lent support through hosting, funding and staff. And the event has generated notice, too, with major articles about our Capital Arts Fest in the Boston Globe and on the Associated Press wire. Even the Insider has been amazing in their support and input!

Unfortunately while we shared our plans and enthusiasm, the Monitor chose to be negative. That’s too bad – and that is not what Concord is today and not part of where we are going.

I want to invite my fellow citizens to show up and support our city on May 6 by enjoying the Capital Arts Fest – invite your out-of-town friends and family, and let’s show the world that Concord without limits is our future.

Tim Sink


(The writer is the president of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce.)