Letter: A disappointed retiree

Sunday, March 19, 2017
A disappointed retiree

I started my career with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (highway maintenance) on April 26, 1975. I really needed a job with some benefits and figured I’d work there until something better came along. Thirty years later I retired, confident those benefits would be secure.

I enjoyed my work, my fellow employees, interaction with the traveling public. As a foreman I made my own work-day schedule (except during the demands of winter). But now, with all the recent demands on my pension for yet another health care premium increase, I’m questioning the wisdom of staying a state employee all those years. Another $40 on top of the $130 now withdrawn may not seem like much in today’s world, but it affects me in two ways: the loss of some discretionary dollars to enjoy what I like to do and, more than anything, creates disappointment with an employer who falsely assured me a secure retirement.