Letter: N.H. should join DACA suit

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
N.H. should join DACA suit

New Hampshire should join 15 states and the District of Columbia in their lawsuit challenging the president’s action on DACA.

From Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s statement, it is easy to believe that DACA has merely been temporarily suspended for six months pending its revival through congressional legislation during that time. But the president’s action comes close to destroying the program altogether.

Since Sept. 5, no new applications have been accepted. DACA permits, usually issued for two years, have been expiring and will continue to expire. Individuals whose current DACA permits are set to expire by March 5 will have only one month to file renewal applications which, if approved, would extend protected status. But individuals whose DACA permits are set to expire on or after March 6 will not be able to apply for renewal at all.

Julianne Hing, in the Sept. 5 web version of The Nation , states: “According to research from the Cato Institute, nearly 600,000 DACA recipients will see their status expire after that day. That’s the vast majority of those who are currently able to live and work in the country under DACA. For them this six-month delay is no delay at all.”

Who can believe that a Congress preoccupied with the budget and the debt ceiling, and unable for years to deal rationally with the status of immigrants, will “save” DACA within the allowed six months?