Letter: History is watching

Friday, May 19, 2017
History is watching

The world is watching the White House unravel, as the president fires the person in charge of investigating his campaign and the attorney general inserts himself into a situation from which he already recused himself. As disturbing as these events are, they are truly chilling when realizing that were this a world crisis – such as a nuclear threat – that the same lack of competence, morality, judgment and ability to anticipate consequences would be at play. Donald Trump does not have the integrity, temperament and judgment to keep us safe.

Congressional Republicans – it’s now up to you. You are the only people who can uphold the checks and balances enshrined in the Constitution. Do your job and fully investigate what, if any, ties there are between the Trump campaign and Russia’s wish to influence the U.S. elections so that we can get back to focusing on the critical issues we face.

Just as a student of history can name all the heroes and villains of the Watergate scandal, history is ready to record the events of our time. What place in history will you hold? The American people are waiting and watching.

Ellen Koenig