Letter: Henniker needs a return to civility

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Henniker needs a return to civility

I am a lifelong resident of Henniker, my grandparents first settling here in 1902. For most of my life, Henniker has been a pleasant, rural community of neighbors who worked together, making it a wonderful town in which to live and raise your children.

Yes, there has been some discourse, especially when strong opinions differ, but for the most part there has always been respect and consideration between the people involved.

Tragically, over the last decade, there is a handful of people who have gone out of their way to try to discredit good people in Henniker, showing no respect or consideration.

This faction has purposefully driven negative and damaging media campaigns, attempting to remove responsible town officials and/or board members, discourage any interest in serving on a board, and discredit neighbors and residents who have not supported their personal agenda.

They have spearheaded numerous attacks, causing undue and unwarranted concerns regarding town officials and board members in their attempt to tear this community apart. It is unconscionable that such rude behavior can garner any attention or credibility.

Henniker select board Chairman Kris Blomback is their latest target. Chairman Blomback is a responsible, caring, knowledgeable and fair-minded individual who has proven himself to be an asset to this town.

Shame on the few people in this wonderful community who can’t find a more positive and constructive use of their time other than to run continued personal attacks on anyone who differs from their ideology.