Letter: Protect the vote

Friday, July 14, 2017
Protect the vote

The following letter was sent to Sen. Bette Lasky, Rep. Neal Kurk and attorney Gilles Bissonnette of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire, plaintiffs in Lasky V. Gardner:

Thank you for bringing a suit challenging the federal demand for New Hampshire voter checklist information.

Acceding to this demand violates state law and the privacy interests protected by that law.

In addition, the state’s agreement to provide the checklist has the appearance, Secretary of State Gardner’s protestations notwithstanding, of an affirmative response to the baseless claim that there has been voting fraud in New Hampshire.

While I understand that the suit is about privacy and statutory interpretation, I also believe that the federal commission’s broad demand for voter information should be resisted as part of a long-term campaign to create a loss of confidence in the integrity of elections with the ultimate purpose of denying the vote to disfavored social/political groups.

Trudy Mott-Smith