Letter: Keep the state great

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Keep the state great

On Feb. 8 hundreds of people flocked to the State House to testified at the hearing on whether New Hampshire should stay granite strong with regard to working families’ rights. Although the name “right-to-work” is confusing since it doesn’t promote “rights” or “work,” folks know now that it is a false promise. States that adopted it are now living in deep poverty and need help to free their economy from corporate abuse. N.H. citizens are united against this so-called right-to-work. A few lobbyists from out-of-state came in to testify in favor of it, but it was obvious they never worked a day in New Hampshire except to come here to testify.

Proponents tried to convince us that there were businesses waiting to move to New Hampshire if this passes but they weren’t able to show one single name. Good businesses aren’t concerned with right-to-work but instead with the infrastructure, energy costs, access to transportation, if they can find qualified workforce and whether citizens make enough to afford their products.

To keep our New Hampshire advantage, just say ‘no’ to the culture that idolizes deadbeat millionaires and say “yes” to working families, because New Hampshire values people, not corporate power.

The full House vote is this Thursday morning and we expect to send a strong message that “yes, we are open for business and no, we won’t sell out for a handful of dollars and a mouthful of lies.”

Right-to-work is wrong for New Hampshire.

Germano Martins