Letter: Sanbornton salaries

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Sanbornton salaries

In 2014, the Sanbornton Board of Selectmen started a matrix employee pay study committee, and the results, it seems, were accepted by the board early this year. Based on the study and further meetings with department heads, and without holding a town meeting to discuss the results, members voted at the July 19 meeting to adjust the salary of nine employees based on the results of the study. A special public meeting was never held to discuss the action because they used money in the budget that was available due to employee vacancies. I wonder if the other town employees were disappointed they did not get salary adjustments at this time.

Hopefully one of these days the board will have a public session to fully explain its actions to date, and further explain how moving ahead using the results of the study will impact the proposed town budget next year and the resulting tax rate. I would be interested in a presentation comparing the past pay matrix chart and the new revised matrix now being used to grant salary adjustments and what the financial impact will be on our next town budget.