Letter: The importance of spaying and neutering

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
The importance ofspaying and neutering

We are supposedly a nation of dog and cat lovers. Yet the United States still kills 3 million of these companion animals each year simply because there aren’t enough homes for them.

The only solution to this needless waste of life is spaying and altering of canines, felines, purebreds and mutts.

Sterilization of dogs and cats helps to prevent reproductive cancers, makes animals calmer, less apt to bite or exhibit aggressive or destructive behaviors. Also, a neutered animal is less apt to roam, and the vocalization and blood occurring during heat periods is eliminated.

The operations will not change his or her basic personality. Letting a female “have just one litter” to make her a better animal is a myth. The hormones present during pregnancy and lactation disappear after birth so there is no lasting effect. Any licensed veterinarian can competently perform a spay or neuter painlessly and efficiently.

Due to the amount of animals killed in the United States annually, I firmly believe in early-term abortions. It is better to abort than not be able to find good homes for the resulting litter. Later term abortions are unsafe, as the mothers can bleed out and die.

Although N.H. shelters are basically no-kill, when they are full, people abandon or kill their companion animals, frustrated that they could not surrender their animals to the shelter.

Low cost options are available for spay-neuter. Phone l-800-990-7729.