Letter: Invest in public schools

Monday, March 20, 2017
Invest in public schools

The Monitor editorial board on Wednesday asked, “Why not invest in every child’s future instead of turning public schools into the domain of the have-nots?”

Lawmakers should keep this question in mind as they consider Senate Bill 193, the passage of which would mark a step in the wrong direction for New Hampshire students.

The bill, under which parents could use vouchers (taxpayer dollars) to send their children to private schools, is yet another manifestation of the toxic anti-public school sentiment that has plagued educational discourse since Betsy DeVos and her state-level doppelgänger, Frank Edelblut, took office earlier this year.

The allure of “school choice” on the individual level, especially for families whose public schools perform poorly, is easy to see. But the public should improve its institutions by investing in them, not by turning our backs.