Letter: Speedway should keep track of agreement

Sunday, June 18, 2017
Speedway should keep track of agreement

In May of 1989, New Hampshire Motor Speedway signed an agreement with the town of Loudon and Concerned Racetrack Neighbors. It was also signed by a Merrimack County Superior Court judge and recorded in the county’s Registry of Deeds.

The agreement set restrictions on many activities, including concerts, night racing and several types of racing events. As long as the property is used as a racetrack these stipulations must apply, and Bruton Smith knew this when he purchased the track in 2007.

The covenant reads that it shall not permit any musical concerts of any type or description to be held on the premises currently known as “NHIS” except in conjunction with racing events. Now the track is proposing massive multi-day music festivals apart from any racing. They are asking Loudon for a special exception and a variance to use rural residential property in the back of its property, closer to neighbors, to hold the concerts and still use the commercial property for parking.

A new group of citizens, formed as KeepTrackofAgreement.org, is requesting the town enforce the 1989 agreement it signed for its citizens, abide by the current zoning and not allow 20,000 people to camp and concert for three days and nights, including a Sunday night, in our back and front yards. We are concerned about upholding the 1989 agreement and our safety in light of current events and a well-documented history of violence, crime and even terrorism at large concerts.

On June 22, NHMS will be presenting its request to the Loudon Zoning Board of Adjustment, and we invite concerned citizens to attend.