Letter: Thanks to Azzi

Friday, May 19, 2017
Thanks to Azzi

I find Robert Azzi’s columns compelling for a variety of reasons, even on those rare occasions when I don’t agree with him.

After reading his latest, “Fearing Pence, and all that comes after Trump” (Sunday Monitor Forum, May 14), I wish to address these reasons.

First, whether we agree or not with a particular position or turn of phrase, I respect the underlying moral imperative that infuses his columns. Writing broadly on social justice issues, Azzi’s attention appears to span the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, politics in general and race/religious relations in America (and elsewhere). All the while, Azzi draws our attention to how privilege and the marginalization of the “other” operates in society.

Second, he exposes us to a perspective that we do not often see in our local and even national publications. By extension, I also applaud the Monitor for fulfilling journalism’s highest calling, i.e., to both inform and challenge its readers with diverse perspectives.

Third, Azzi challenges us to think deeply and honestly about troubling issues that complicate our shared national and global experience.

Personally, I welcome the opportunity to consider these issues and open my heart in ways and for reasons that I may have never considered previously. Thank you!