Letter: Goodbye, ‘Monitor’

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Goodbye, ‘Monitor’

The Monitor’s coverage of the James Comey testimony was biased, but what did we independent voters think the Monitor would highlight?

Why didn’t the Monitor highlight that Comey not only leaked to the New York Times but bowed to Barack Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch, when she instructed Comey to not mention the word “investigation” regarding Hillary Clinton’s e-mail fiasco? Why didn’t the headline read that Donald Trump was not considered to be colluding with Russia and that Trump wasn’t even under investigation?

Independent voters and readers are not happy with Concord’s only newspaper. We absolutely cringe when we get to your opinion page. The letters to the editor are particularly nasty and neither the newspaper nor the letters show an ounce of respect for Trump or the 65 million-plus people who voted for him. It’s no wonder that vicious protestors are destroying America when they see our media destroying our country in their daily newspapers.

Many have sworn off your liberal paper, and I will do the same. The Union Leader has become the go-to newspaper for friends, family and co-workers since this election began.

How long can such a biased newspaper as the Monitor stay in business? Millions of us recognize and denounce the fake news these days, and it is so sad because I used to love the Monitor and looked forward to receiving my paper every day.

Shame on you for supporting and perpetuating liberal anger every day.