Letter: Time for tax reform

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Time for tax reform

President Donald Trump has begun the discussion on tax reform, which will revitalize the American economy and create millions of jobs. New Hampshire’s families, working individuals and businesses would greatly benefit from reforming our current tax code, which has not been updated since the 1980s.

Even with the legislation passed by the New Hampshire House to provide help to small businesses in New Hampshire with some relief by means of lower Business Profits and Business Enterprise taxes, much more must be done.

Many of New Hampshire’s small businesses struggle with the corporate tax codes in the state. We need to make sure our small-business owners and entrepreneurs looking to start a small business in New Hampshire have the same opportunities as big businesses and corporations.

Reforming our 1980s-style tax code is critical to economic growth for our country and state. Our congressional delegation should stand with our president on tax relief to ensure all Americans keep more of their hard-earned money and that small businesses have lower tax rates. Taxes should not be a partisan issue, and our congressional delegation should step up and work with our president on creating a policy that will help the American hard-working middle class.

Our president is looking out for Granite Staters in making sure every working American and every small business can fulfill their American Dream and not be crushed by taxes.

Let’s work in a bipartisan fashion to “Make America Great Again”



(The writer is assistant majority leader in the New Hampshire House.)