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'For Glineses' farm, a special passion'

'Teresa C. Wyman, Canterbury'

Canterbury citizens are amazingly fortunate that both choices for the Intervale Farm are good. Our selectmen have worked very hard. Respectfully, my viewpoint differs.

Peter and Eric Glines want to continue farming where they and their ancestors have farmed since the 1730s! Statistics on family farms are dismal. Two generations, pretty common; three, rare; nine, virtually unknown. This legacy engenders a special kind of passion.

The passion of the farmers at Brookford Farm is for organic farming, not farming in a particular place. I support organic practices, but also see organic vs. conventional on a spectrum; we must consider each situation. The Glineses already use many organic techniques and could perhaps be influenced to explore additional organic practices.

Financial considerations color the two proposals. Understandably, many in town are gun-shy following various issues with the previous tenant. Why support a proposal which is weaker financially? To sustain my community. To buy local in the most basic way. To preserve something very special, a legacy. Few towns have this.

In Minnesota, there is great pride in being a 'Century Farm' - owned, and farmed, by the same family for at least 100 years. Two and a half centuries - they couldn't even imagine that!

In Canterbury, as in many towns, we cherish community, sense of place, caring for each other, and stewardship of old New Hampshire values, skills and culture. Money, while important, is not the most important thing in life.

If this legacy farm is lost, the legacy will be lost forever.



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