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Bus Route Schedule for Chichester Central School 2013-14

Bus Route Schedule for Chichester Central School 2013-14


7:29 Canterbury Rd. West (113)

7:33 Main Street/ Right onto Cross/Granny Howe

Right onto Rte 4W, Left at lights

7:39 Corner of Horse Corner/Towle Mason, Left onto Lane

7:43 Right onto road marked “To Hutchinson Rd”

7:47 Turns around in Pembroke

7:51 Right onto Short Falls, Left onto Lovers’ Lane

7:53 Right onto Burnt Hill

7:56 Right onto Smith Sanborn

7:58 Right onto Highland, Right onto Smith Sanborn

8:00 Right onto Dover Rd E to traffic circle

8:08 Left on Deermeadow Rd

Bus 2

7:27 Main St. (105) to W on Dover Rd

7:35 Turns around in Concord end of Dover Rd to go E

7:37 Left onto King

7:40 Turns onto Ricker to Harvest, Holstein,Guernsey

7:48 Left onto King onto E. Ricker

7:54 Right onto Bear Hill

7:59 Left onto Ferrin, continues to Durgin

8:03 Left onto Bear Hill

8:08 Right onto Rte 28 S.


7:24 Dover Road W (126)

7:25 Main to Center

7:29 Right onto Bear Hill

7:37 Right onto Rte 28 to Main to Horse Corner

7:47 Left onto Higgins, turn at Preve

7:49 Right onto Horse Corner, Left onto Connemara

Turn at cul-de-sac, Left onto Horse Corner

7:57 Staniels and Horse Corner

7:58 Left onto Bailey

8:00 Right to Dover Rd. E.

8:06 Left onto Cross Road


7:27 Webster Mills (131) to S on Suncook Valley Rd.

7:34 Right onto Deermeadow, Right onto Main St.

7:35 Left onto Rte. 28

7:38 Suncook Valley and Martel

7:40 Turns in Pittsfield comes S on Suncook Valley

7:42 Right onto Kelly Corner

7:44 Right onto Pleasant

7:52 Turns at end, back to Kelly Corner, toward Suncook Valley

7:54 Right onto Suncook Valley South

7:56 Right onto Swiggey Brook

7:58 Turns R onto Hilliard, turns at end

8:05 Right onto Swiggey Brook

8:07 Right onto Suncook Valley


6:14 Rte. 28 and Martel Rd.

6:17 Ring Road and Kelly Corner

6:17 Kelly Corner and Pleasant

6:19 Rte. 28 and Swiggey Brook (upper end)

6:20 Rte. 28 and Swiggey Brook (lower end)

6:22 Bear Hill at Carpenter Park

6:25 Bear Hill and Center Rd.

6:31 Chichester Central School

6:33 Congregational Church

6:34 Granny Howe/Main

6:34 Methodist Church

6:38 End Canterbury Rd (Loudon end)\

6:40 King and Harvest Rd.

6:41 King and Rte. 4

6:43 Abundant Life

6:46 Horse Corner and Connemara

6:47 Horse Corner and Staniels

6:48 Horse Corner and Bailey

6:49 Bailey and Rte 4

6:51 Atlantic Traders/Mason Rd

6:52 Mobile Home Park

6:54 Hess/Horse Corner Rd

6:55 Horse Corner and Lane

6:57 Lane and Hutchinson

6:58 Smith Sanborn and Burnt Hill

6:59 Smith Sanborn and Highland

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