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Real meaning of Christmas

I would like to congratulate Brian Waldron and the entire cast for the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church’s Christmas musical held at the Capitol Center for the Arts. It was a truly magical entertaining musical, displaying excellent singing and acting. The combination of youth and adults was wonderful. It certainly brought the real meaning of Christmas to everyone who attended. Brian Waldron is a very talented and gifted young man. He has sung for many events in the city, and we are very fortunate to have him at Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It was good to see musical veterans of former Immaculate Heart of Mary musicals that were held in the spring for many years, such as Kathy Mirabella, Margaret Mark Fanuef, Bill LaValley and more. I missed Sharon Caparello and hope that she might return with her excellent humor at some point. It was nice to see Fr. Ray Ball do some comedy, even though he was wearing a wrong hat; he should have worn the Michigan Wolverine hat. Congratulations to Frank Vinceguerra who entertained with a rendition of “Silent Night.”

Brian, please keep up the great work. Good luck on your future CD in Nashville; I am confident you are going to make it big. And thank you for all you do for the Concord Christmas tree lighting!



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Indeed - very uplifting - the little girl soloist was great also...... Saying Merry Christmas to liberals is like sunlight to a vampire

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