Concord Market Basket employees pass out from gas-powered saw fumes

Monitor staff
Monday, March 13, 2017

Two employees at the Market Basket on Fort Eddy Road in Concord passed out from accidentally inhaling carbon monoxide fumes while working at the store Sunday evening.

Fire Chief Dan Andrus said the workers were found unconscious in a walk-in refrigerator at about 8:20 p.m.

“They were using a gasoline-powered saw to do some cutting work and the carbon monoxide fumes in that unventilated space overwhelmed them,” the chief said, noting that the exhaust is colorless and odorless. “Both of them went down before anybody knew anything was happening.”

Andrus said the employees were “luckily” found quickly, and firefighters responded to the closed 108 Fort Eddy Road supermarket within five minutes.

“They were revived pretty quickly with some treatment and were transported to Concord Hospital” within minutes, he said.

Saws like the one the employees were using should be operated only in a well-ventilated outside area, the chief said.

“We’re glad they’re okay,” Andrus said. “These two gentlemen are very lucky and will have quite a story to tell.”


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