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New anti-gay remarks by ‘Duck Dynasty’ star emerge

A&E has declined to comment on new video of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson reviving past anti-gay remarks.

His comments are included in a sermon delivered at his church in West Monroe, La., on Easter Sunday.

Robertson includes gay people with other groups such as thieves and adulterers as hell-bound sinners.

Robertson is the bearded patriarch of a clan that manufactures duck calls and became reality TV stars.

In December he set off a firestorm after GQ magazine quoted him linking homosexual behavior to bestiality.

He also made racist statements.

A&E suspended him for nine days. Robertson issued an apology.

The video was posted yesterday by RadarOnline. It was posted to YouTube by the Whites Ferry Road Church on April 21.

Duck Dynasty is scheduled to begin its sixth season June 11.

Legacy Comments4

Mahatma Gandhi is credited (without positive attribution) with saying: "I like your Christ. I dislike your Christians" If he never really said it, those Duck Dynasty self-professed Christians make one desperately wish he had.

Keep your anti-gay comments to yourself,tolerance is what we need in this country,people like you only try to put your views on us,espically when you said these in a churn,think you need to read the bible more,I'm no bible expert,but forgiveness and tolerance are very Christian

So when a person disagrees with gay marriage, it is "tolerant" to demand they be publically humiliated or their lives impacted or livlihoods taken away from them for holding a different belief than you? When people make anti-Christian comments is that showing intolerance? What about when one group calls another a "cracker" or "whitey", is that intolerant?

Hmmm . . . churn - a container in which cream is stirred or shaken to make butter. scratchin' my head on this one . . .

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