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The Insiders: ’Tis the season for tomatoes and tube tops

Happy Fourth of July Eve, everybody. Who among us can forget waking up early every year on this day to dig into our stockings before heading downstairs to see what Santa left for us under the palm tree? Those were the days. Alas, though, there are other celebrations that have become part of July 3 lore, including Air Conditioner Appreciation Day, apparently (it’s what the interwebs told us). Given the sticky weather we’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks, it seems an apt reason to celebrate. Don’t have a window unit of your own? Even better – head downtown and browse through the dozens of stores that do. Swing into Dips or Orange Leaf for a little frozen yogurt and double your chilling pleasure. Or take a seat in the freezer at the Concord Co-op and triple it, while also quadrupling your likelihood of being removed in handcuffs.

Nothing says summer like a fresh farmers market, and nothing is quite as synonymous with farming as a shopping mall. Did you know that before Abercrombie and Fitch were known for hanging advertisements of topless dudes they were among the nation’s leading corn producers? Neither did they! Anyway, those worlds collide again when the Steeplegate Mall hosts a Concord Farmers Market this afternoon beginning at 3 p.m. Where else can you get some new vegetables and some Old Navy? And never mind the fact that bringing a food court to a food court may well punch a hole in the space time continuum.

∎ ∎ ∎

If those items didn’t inspire you to combine air conditioning with fresh food, nothing will. The good news is you can – while listening to the musical stylings of Jon Lorentz, who will be playing at Hermanos tonight at 6:30. Bonus: The chips and salsa are free between 6 and 7 p.m. (and also all of the other hours of operation).

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