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A 12-month plan for setting healthier eating goals

∎ January – Sit down for dinner twice a week as a family. Mark the nights on the calendar now so there are no excuses.

∎ February – Learn to make homemade stock and freeze the extra for future culinary exploits.

∎ March – It’s the perfect season for nutrient-rich soups. A little homemade goodness might help keep you healthy as the season begins to change. Use the homemade broth you made in February and experiment.

∎ April – Learn to cook dark leafy greens. Invest in a cookbook such as Greens Glorious Greens or hit the internet for recipes.

∎ May – Incorporate protein into breakfast. Eggs are good, as is warm quinoa cereal. Make your own granola with raw nuts and seeds, use almond meal for pancakes or waffles, or add nut butter to toast.

∎ June – Make this the month of the bean. Experiment with all kinds of beans to discover which you and your family like best.

∎ July – Every cell in your body needs water, so get the kids off juice and onto water. Start the transition slowly by watering down juice until the kids are off the sweet flavor.

∎ August – Stockpile summer’s vegetables by learning the art of fermentation.

∎ September – Limit sugar in the household. Start by buying fewer sweet items and curbing dessert.

∎ October – Integrate more whole grains into your diet.

e_STnSNovember – Slow down, sit when you eat, chew thoroughly and really taste your meal. Make this a habit before the hectic holidays begin.

∎ December – Give thanks. Studies show that people who show gratitude are healthier and happier. Take a minute to give thanks before every meal. This small moment might have a big impact on your well-being.

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