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The Insiders: Two women; one unsinkable, one hilarious

To those of you putting together a comprehensive list of things that float (you haven’t done that before? Oh, um, yeah, neither have we), you can add an item: women. At least according to the title of tonight’s installment of the Walker Lecture Series, “Unsinkable Women.”

Oddly enough, “Unsinkable Women” is a one-woman show starring Deborah Jean Templin, who “brings to life” nine famous women of the Titanic, including Margaret Tobin, referred to as “the unsinkable Molly.” She doesn’t literally bring them to life, though; that kind of show ain’t free.

This show is free, though, and will be held at the Concord City Auditorium beginning at 7:30 p.m. For more information, visit

In other news, we may have found a woman after our own heart in humorist Regina Barreca, who will be appearing at a benefit fundraiser for the Womankind Counseling Center’s Sheila Stanley Community Counseling Fund on Nov. 8.

Just consider some of her book titles: I’m With Stupid: One Man, One Woman and Babes in Boyland: A Personal History of Co-education in the Ivy League. She can be a guest writer of the Insider column anytime! (Seriously, though, Regina, are you free next week? We were thinking of taking some time off.)

The event isn’t until Nov. 8 at noon at the Holiday Inn, but a head count is critical (they’ll count you as a whole person, not just a head). Cost is $50 per person and will include lunch. RSVP and send your check to the Sheila Stanley Counseling Fund, c/o Womankind, 21 Green St., Concord NH 03301. Choose a Caesar salad with either chicken or vegetables. Call 225-6160 with questions.

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Legacy Comments1

You got it, guys: I'll do the column for next week, but it sure would be more fun to do a Q&A with you. Whaddya say? Thanks for the generous words about the upcoming event--let's get everybody out for this terrific cause. And I'm serious about the column.

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