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The Insiders: Back up your data before it’s too late! (gleep glorp, robot sounds)

We never thought it could happen to us. We’d just finished writing another amazing Insiders column just dripping with Pulitzer potential (and a little barbecue sauce from a lunchtime tragedy we can only describe as “just like the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, but with pulled pork”) when our computer crashed and we lost everything! Our house, our car, our Dan Majerle Dream Team II collectible cup – everything! If only we could have gone to today’s Chamber event before this all happened! “Data Disaster Recovery – Are You Covered?” is today’s installment of the Lunch and Learn series. Head over to the Greater Concord Chamber’s HQ in the SMILE building today at 11:45 a.m. (okay, maybe you should register first at concordnhchamber.com/events) and find out how to prevent massive data loss and what to do if the unthinkable happens. Should you back up a copy of your libraries from Home/Users/iDisk to the cloud? Also, what does that even mean? Chuck Mosca of Twinstate Technologies will be on hand to answer all your data questions (like is Data an android or a robot? And did he have prior knowledge of the Borg attack?) For more information, call 224-2508.

Finally, some corrections to mistakes we made in last week’s columns. First of all, President Barack Obama asked Congress for permission to start a military action in Syria, not for permission to have second bowl of cereal, as we originally reported (with Michelle’s stance on healthy eating, permission would not have been granted). Second, the USDA is dropping vanilla-flavored rabies vaccines over the northeastern states; the vaccines do not come in vanilla, chocolate, neopolitan and rocky road, as we reported (although one would think that raccoons would be naturally drawn to rocky road!). Lastly, we retract our statement from last week in which we claimed “it’s a damn shame that they don’t have Academy Awards for professional wrestling – a damn shame and something ought to be done!” That’s all the corrections from last week; we’ll try to do better next time, readers. (Email the Insiders at

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The only thing funny about this column is the photo of the two clowns.

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