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Bill establishes hike safe card in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is considering giving negligent hikers a chance to buy a hike safe card that forgives rescue expenses they’d otherwise owe the state.

The House will vote on a bill this month that authorizes the state Fish and Game Department to sell voluntary hike safe cards for $25 per person and $35 per family. People who obtain the cards would not be liable to repay rescue costs if their rescue was due to negligence on their part.

The bill also would exempt people with hunting and fishing licenses and anyone with an off-highway recreational vehicle registration, including for a snowmobile.

Hunters, anglers, boaters, snowmobilers and all-terrain vehicle riders pay almost all the rescue costs though license fees to the agency but averaged only 14 percent of the rescues since 2006.

The department has struggled to keep up with the cost of rescues, which are primarily for helping lost or injured hikers. Rescue costs have ranged from about $200 to more than $50,000.

State law holds those rescued liable if they acted negligently, but efforts to collect the cost of rescues is not always successful.

All but $3 from each hike safe card would be deposited in the agency’s search and rescue fund.

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We pay taxes for rescue vehicles, police, park rangers, etc. If your house burns down, do we charge the family a fee for putting it out. Not that I know of. I think that the agencies could spend a little less on single tasking administrative costs and a little more on helping people in distress. If they acted negligently such as climbing a mountain in a snow storm after being warned not to, etc. that is one thing but other rescues should be covered by taxes and fees.

How about a simple law that says if you owe the state money such as for a rescue or child support and don't pay it, the state revokes any/all state licenses that person has and outs a lien on any property so it can't be sold. Stop spending more money trying to get payments, put the burden on the person.

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