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Hassan calls for unemployment benefits renewal

Gov. Maggie Hassan is asking the state’s congressional leaders for help in calling on fellow lawmakers to quickly renew Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits, which expired for 1,350 New Hampshire workers at the end of 2013.

Hassan said for each month that the program is not available, an additional 500 to 600 New Hampshire residents will exhaust regular unemployment insurance coverage, potentially affecting more than 8,500 residents over 2014.

Hassan said although New Hampshire continues to experience lower unemployment rates than most states, there remains a critical need for the program as unemployed workers continue their efforts to secure employment throughout the year.

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Extend the unemployment as soon as the democrats show what they are going to cut. democrats pledged to you " Pay -as you - GO legislation. Hold the democrats to their slimy political rhetoric game. Dont fall into the democrats trap of a 3 month extension as they will just use their wedge issues to divide America again and again. Not more than a few weeks ago Congress agreed on the democrats 1st budget in over 4 years. Now just days before its passage, and 18 days after they took to the media to cheer the new jobs report, they insert their wedge issue of the day. The absolute worst form of Governing is todays democrat progressive populism. Next wedge issue to come up is their populist unneeded minimum wage hike issue. You may be a LIDV if you have not already identified the 3rd wedge issue they will plant after that wages wedge issue. ....... a truly slimy way to govern - shame on you democrats

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