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We’re looking for the worst potholes around

If you managed to extract your car from the snow and ice and more snow (and more snow) that’s fallen on it in recent weeks, if you’ve gotten in and driven around, you’ve no doubt noticed the potholes. Big ones and small ones. Solo potholes and potholes in little groups. There are the ones you can dodge and the ones that leave you no choice but to slow down, dip inside them and back out, praying your hubcaps hang on for the ride.

In my own daily travels recently, I’ve been particular aggrieved by the craters on Valley Street in Concord, on Village Street near Merrimack Valley High School on the way toward Penacook village and, of course, the alarming crumbling on Sewalls Falls Road on both sides of that rickety old bridge. (These days it seems to be the patches over the old holes that are now falling apart. Not encouraging!)

But my hunch is, these aren’t even the worst of the worst.

So, we’ll put it to you, readers. Where are the worst Concord-area potholes of the 2014 season so far?

Send us your nominations. Give as precise a location as possible, so we can show them on a map. Write a line or two describing the situation and include your name and town. Send your thoughts to

And in the meantime, stay safe out on the roads.

Legacy Comments1

Yeah, there's so many to choose.... but what really riles me are the "man made" potholes; the man hole covers that are so deep you'll bounce your head off the ceiling when running over (and down into) them. Pot holes and frost heaves are an unfortunate result of nature here in NH, but there's no need for those sunk down manholes.

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