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GRAPHIC: You tell us: The worst pot holes in and around Concord

Have the roads around here ever been in rougher shape? There are potholes and frost heaves galore, and they seem to have arrived earlier and with more of a vengeance than in years past. We asked Monitor readers to nominate the worst of the worst. In the days it took us to compile the map, some have been filled by city and town crews only to erupt all over again. Take a look and let us know what we missed.


Ray Duckler: Driving around, looking for the hole story

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The roads around here are a pain in the butt. They dip and rise like gas prices, spilling coffee and knocking GPS devices off dashboards and windshields. Have you driven on Minot Street, between Pleasant and School streets, in Concord lately? How about Carter Hill Road, near the city’s apple orchard? I drove on them yesterday, part of an 80-mile …

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If you drift to the right on the I-89 to I-93 north on-ramp, you could hit a pothole by a drain that will blow out tires. And never underestimate frost heaves. There are some that can and will damage your suspension.

The intersection of Thorndike and State St heading towards South St. has a huge hole on one side and a huge bump on the other. You can't avoid them.

It's impossible to say which one is worst. There are way too many bad ones to list. I've never seen such a bad combination of potholes and frost heaves around here! But let's see.... Bog Road is bad year-round, and as for Graham Road, better keep it down to 10 MPH if you don't want to damage your car.

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