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Republican Joe Kenney wins N.H. District 1 Executive Council seat

Republican Joe Kenney is the new District 1 executive councilor, beating Democrat Mike Cryans by 1,267 votes in a special election. Although the election was Tuesday, all of the vote totals weren’t in until yesterday morning.

“Last night, I really think the voters sort of rejected the ideology that was brought into this race; really it’s about helping people and solving their problems in state government, that’s our message from Day One,” Kenney said.

Cryans called Kenney to concede just before 11 a.m.

“I want to thank (Kenney) for running a hard-fought campaign, thank all the people who volunteered and supported either of us, and the Burton family for their support,” Cryans said in a statement.

Kenney will fill the seat held by Ray Burton, who died in November, for 35 years. He will join a council made up of one other Republican and three Democrats. District 1 spans 108 towns and four cities – from parts of the Lakes Region to the Canadian border.

The Executive Council met yesterday for its biweekly meeting. Kenney’s campaign manager asked whether he could sit at the table, but the governor’s office said he could not because the Secretary of State’s office hadn’t certified the votes.

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So two Republicans retained seats that had been held by Republicans in conservative districts. The news here is the Democrats give them a good run for their money.

I gather the author BestPresidentReagan believes Reagan was a better president that FDR, Lincoln & George Washington. I will never forgive Reagan for selling missiles to Iran (a terrorist country) which could have been used to level Israel off the face of the earth. I would bet that this author believes that Bush Jr's economic policies were great also, known as the Great Recession and that Bush Jr was brilliant for 2 wars (Iraq & Afghanistan) that he had no plans to pay for nor to end. People are entitled to their "views." And if Romney was President, Russia would have not gone into Crimea. Oh, I forgot- when Bush Jr was President in 2008, Russia invaded the Republic of Georgia, I guess because Bush Jr was weak. Bob Mulholland

debating a leftist is like debating what cheese the moon is made of.....wrong on its original premises - come back to the table when you have your opinion corrected with facts

Tuesday was a great day for America. not only did Kenney win but the defeat of democrat Sink in Florida is an omen for what is to come in November. Taking back America from the destruction wrought by Progressive , liberal, socialist democrats is essential to perpetuate the America we all know and love

I find it odd that someone who is always so quick to vilify other politicians is also so quick to hail this one as the second coming of Christ. Joe Kenney is no savior, he's now, merely a politician. Let's wait and see what he does before heralding him as the new Messiah.

page 6 in the dead tree version.

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