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N.H. Rep. Kyle Tasker says “battered women” Facebook post misconstrued

Republican Rep. Kyle Tasker of Nottingham said yesterday that an image he posted on Facebook earlier this week about battered women does not reflect his personal views and was not meant to be offensive.

On a public Facebook page, Tasker posted a stick figure picture depicting a graphic sexual act with the caption “50,000 battered women and I still eat mine plain.” The post was first pointed out by New Hampshire blogger William Tucker and has received national press attention. The post has since been deleted.

Tasker said he was trying to defend another state representative. During a hearing on a bill to limit the crime of simple assault last year, Rep. Mark Warden, a Manchester Republican, said some people like being in abusive relationships. Warden and Tasker are both members of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, which has voted on several domestic violence bills this session. Tasker said his intent with the post was to show that Warden’s comments should not have offended people, because other people spread far more offensive ideas and comments, such as the one in the graphic.

“The idea was to show something pretty outrageous to put (Rep. Mark Warden’s) comments in perspective,” Tasker said yesterday about his post, which included his own comment of, “This one’s for you Mark Warden.”

Tasker didn’t say he was sorry for posting it.

Jennifer Horn, chairwoman of the state Republican Party, said Tasker should apologize.

“Representative Tasker’s post was grossly offensive and has no place in public discourse. He should apologize immediately,” she said in a statement.

(Kathleen Ronayne can be reached at 369-3309 or or on Twitter @kronayne.)

Legacy Comments19

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What's Facebook - is that where school girls go to gossip and giggle and liberals go for their daily source for current events news

So are you saying that Tasker's a gossipy girl or a liberal? Not sure which is a bigger slight in your opinion . . .

Anyone who says it's "just a silly picture on facebook" is sorely mistaken and missing the point. And are we supposed to believe that, after a week or so of hand-wringing, the kid's "damage control" defense is . . . "one of my friends posted something outrageous and got in trouble for it so in order to deflect criticism from him I posted something even more outrageous?!?!?" I'm surprised the kid can even spell "misconstrued" let alone use it correctly in a sentence.

Looks to me like the Monitor used the word "misconstrued". I think anyone that had a big enough brain to use the word would never have posted that disgusting post in the first place. I give him credit for not saying he is sorry because that is obviously how he really feels about domestic abuse claims by women.

It is obvious how you really feel about fellow citizens who don't think the way that you do. Of course anyone who posts anything on Twitter or Facebook and does not consider the fall out, should not be surprised. There is domestic abuse and there also just "claims" as well. Let's not confuse that.

OK I'll admit it. It IS obvious how I feel about fellow citizens who feel that domestic violence is ok. They're wrong.

I know people who have referred to women with far more derogatory terms...and deny it.

Again, we focus on the party designation. This is more a condemnation of NH voters than of a particular party. The fact that he is a republican is irrelevant, he is a NH legislator. This makes us all look bad. Seeing how this isn't the first representative to achieve this type of notoriety, I think we should shrink the size of our bloated house since obviously we don't have enough qualified people to fill the seats. It's one thing to be a knuckle-dragger, but why document on the internet.

The motto of the Granite State may be "Live Free or Die" But it does not mean decency in utterances takes a bye Kyle Tasker just does not get it; he cannot comprehend That most women would be outraged at his posting and the message it sends Abuse on women is not a joke Restraints on normal conduct broke Taking it "plain" as opposed to what with "some sauce?" Comments like Tasker's is why Reds with women may suffer a loss 2014 is critical; the Senate the Reds must take House seat gains to this President's power grab brake Tasker should be apologizing up one side and down the other and do it now With remorse, with meaning and all condoning of violence on women disavow Do not give the Blues even the remotest chance to voter attention divert From Obamacare's disaster and for job creation its major world of hurt.

This was not a just a dirty joke. It was a joke about battered women. As I said before the Republican party just does not understand why there is such a gender gap in voting, and if you people are an example they will never get it.

It was a silly picture on face book...thats it.

The silence is deafening today from the usual right wing apologists. Is this finally too much for even you to swallow?

Did you ever tell a dirty joke? Have you ever mis-spoken and then taken in back. Or are you perfect in every way?

It's a silly picture posted to facebook...thats all it is. If he ran over and killed some ducks while drunk and had a police commish come save him...I might notice.

If you don't know what is wrong with that post by an elected Representative, then there is some thing wrong with you and you will never understand.

Lets ask Bill Clinton whats wrong with it...

Apologize? This post was offensive on so many levels. And yet the Republicans still don't know why they have a problem with women voters.

So Jennifer Horn is now the voice of reason in the Repub party. (You know what he did had to be pretty fracking BAD for HER to call him out.)

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