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Scott Brown: What I’ve heard in N.H.: Obamacare is a mess

It’s been an incredible experience on the campaign trail these past few weeks. There’s been plenty of snow during this long winter, but Gail and I have been overwhelmed at the warm reception and the generosity of people who have invited us into their homes and businesses.

As I’ve traveled across New Hampshire during my listening tour, I’ve heard the same thing wherever I go.

People tell me they believe we are moving in the wrong direction. They’re concerned about our future, and they’ve lost faith in the politicians who are supposed to be fighting for our priorities– not those of the special interests in Washington D.C.

They want a growing economy and more good jobs.

They want a government that doesn’t spend more than it takes in.

They want a country that is respected again around the world.

But most of all, they want a health care system that works for New Hampshire. Whether it’s on a Main Street, a living room, a bar, a restaurant, or a diner, the message has been the same: Obamacare is not working. People are angry that millions – including more than 20,000 in New Hampshire alone – have received letters of cancellations notifying them their old plan is no longer valid.

They’re mad that the Obamacare Democrats promised we’d be able to keep the care we like, and now we can’t. They can’t understand why their options going forward are so limited.

A “disaster” is what a top official at one of New Hampshire’s leading hospitals called the new health care law, and he pointed out just last week that many people in our state can no longer attend the hospital they’ve been going to for decades. On top of that, another recent report indicated that smaller states like New Hampshire would be particularly hard hit by skyrocketing premiums under Obamacare.

Last week, I met a small business owner in Henniker who is now paying twice as much for health care because of Obamacare. He’s a hard worker who just wants to make an honest living and provide for his family. Now, he’s facing tough decisions about the future and barely keeping his head above water because of a health care bill he didn’t want or need.

Sunday marked the fourth anniversary of Obamacare becoming law, and as we look forward on how to fix this mess, it’s important to take a look back on how we got here. It took the vote of every single Democratic senator – including the tie-breaking vote of New Hampshire’s own Jeanne Shaheen – to band together and pass this bill.

Without Shaheen’s vote, Obamacare wouldn’t have passed, and we wouldn’t be dealing with its catastrophic consequences today. It is a fair question to ask why in passing this bill Shaheen put a national political agenda ahead of the interests of her state. This is what happens when you vote 99 percent of the time with President Obama – you become more concerned with “winning” on an issue than doing the right thing.

Now that another campaign is upon us, President Obama has endorsed Shaheen and wants to see her re-elected. I’ve invited him to come to New Hampshire so that he and Shaheen can together defend the health care law that has caused so much frustration for so many people.

I don’t expect they’ll take me up on the offer. From a broken health care system, to a soaring national debt, to a foreign policy that has left us looking weak, the Obama-Shaheen agenda has not been good for New Hampshire.

Now, I don’t pretend to have all the answers to everything, but I do know this much: If we want to get rid of Obamacare, we start by electing people who won’t march in lockstep with all the other Washington politicians. Instead of telling the people of New Hampshire what’s best for them, I am spending my time listening and learning. After all, that’s what elected democracy at its core should be all about.

Despite the challenges we face, I’ve been uplifted by the spirits of the good, hard-working people I’ve encountered on the trail. They are not discouraged, but they are looking for new leadership. They deserve a government that is as good and hard-working as they are. The politicians in Washington should spend time with the people of New Hampshire – they might learn a thing or two about what makes America great.

(Republican Scott Brown, a former U.S. senator from Massachusetts, is considering a Senate run in New Hampshire.)

Legacy Comments75

There is nothing radical in these observations: They want a growing economy and more good jobs. They want a government that doesn’t spend more than it takes in. They want a country that is respected again around the world. Thinking Americans understand and know that the Obama Administration has been unable for nearly seven years to accomplish any of these objectives. They have neither the ability, understanding nor will to accomplish any of those three things.

I can't understand people that don't trust government will trust corporations, whose only reason for existence is to make money. . They will pollute your water, your food, your medicine and take your jobs over seas, and charge you for doing it. Our government isn't perfect, but if you don't like it wait for the next election. Corporations will steal you blind and charge you for doing it.

There is so much wrong here....I'm at a loss as to where to start...

Please enlighten us as to who is polluting our water, our food and our medicine. It seems that this is happening constantly, please give us the facts to back this up. Not just one or two old examples, please share with us, we all deserve to be happy.

Just go back to the 60's and early 70's. The Merrimack was brown and totally devoid of fish as was most of our major rivers where the commercial industrial base had all their mills dumping their untreated filth in the rivers. These same factories were spewing out toxins in the air so bad that on most days, people couldn't breathe. This went on for years, all for the might dollar, until people wizened up and new ecology regulations were imposed, From the 1850's till the early 1900's, our mills in Manchester utilized 10-14 year old kids for working in their mills because the adults weren't fast enough for these owners to make a fast enough profit. To add insult to injury, the Manchester PD was originally hired by the business conglomerate to keep those "worker rabble" in line. Most of us know that these conditions will be resumed in a heartbeat if the business owners could get away with it. I guess you never learned anything from your history classes.

Mirriam Webster: Carper-"someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments". As in: "extremist birthers (Jerome Corsi), Birchers (Agenda 21), and racist anti-immigrant sites (VDARE) should be taken with a large grain of salt--in this case one large enough to choke a horse". Yup that is what a Carper would say. Pot, meet kettle.

There's nothing unfair about my post--they're all sources you've cited approvingly on this site, and by ANY measure all 3 routinely espouse far-right views.

I have never heard of VDARE, only asked why progressives did not want to even discuss the birth certificate and not sure what AGENDA 21 is. I looked it up though and it appears that it would erode American sovereignty in favor of the U.N. calling shots on our soil and on our coastlines. No, anyone in their right mind would not support that. I welcome you to the Carp Per Diem brigade, you have, as I mentioned the perfect qualifications based on the definition of a "Carper". Thank you.

One last time: I believe you're being less than forthright on each of the 3 sources mentioned. Since you've changed your screen name so often--I believe this is your third iteration, you have plausible deniability. However, in one of your previous iterations, your avatar approvingly included a quotation from one of the founders of the VDare site, which I invite interested readers to visit. There was then, and is now nothing to "discuss' about Obama's birth certificate. Jerome Corsi is a right-wing hack and scandal-monger who lied about John Kerry and lied about Obama--lies you and sail loved to repeat throughout Obama's first term. If you "looked up" Agenda 21 you got only the paranoid Bircher/Granite Grok view of it, because that's what you're parroting on your post--again. One last time: there is no room (and no need) for compromise with those who hold extremist views like you do: those whose tough talk would, if acted upon, have us in a shooting war with half a dozen other countries in 30 minutes; and whose views on taxes, spending, and the many aspects of the social safety net defy both the facts and morality. I'll forgo membership in the Carp Per Diems (my coinage), thank you very much. I like facts and reality too much to deal in ideology of any sort, as I believe the record of posts demonstrates. Yours show something quite different.

This is very confusing to me. I didn't realize these posters kept changing their names. It is no wonder they all parrot each other and all this back patting. It is all the same person. So does that mean there aren't, lets see, six or seven right wingers on here, maybe one of two? Of course Sail or BPR was easy to pick out NOBAMA blah, blah, blah.I have been Tillie all along, should have tried a new name and try to fool Itsa, whoever he is.

Tillie, by my count there are4: GWTW, Rabbit, Sail/BPR, and Itsa, whose previous handles included "Millennia", and one other that escapes me now--long before the CM switched its format. Back in the "old days", the site permitted live links, and all posts were archived. One only had to click on the poster's name to have access to all posts by any given poster. Ah--those were the days!

Are you sure about that?

Mr Currie laments the old days when all the posts were archived. If Mr Currie were interested in facts he would discover that that format was discontinued because of one Democrat state worker who prolifically posted comments while at work. In order to to protect one of their own, the Monitor changed the format so you could not search a commentors history, or the time they did. We have to rely on our memories now, and thankfully mine is very good.

And if GWTW were interested in facts,s/he would not be writing fanciful, even paranoid posts like this one.

He still is the only documented case of a person paid to comment here at the Monitor.. another fact.

"Documented" by whom, one is prompted to ask? You're not exactly an unimpeachable source yourself. And you're walking back your other, "undocumented" claim? You should be more careful in the future, you wouldn't want to be accused of being a troll.

Documented by the now non existent time/date stamps. And, by the very person in question...who no longer comments here at the Monitor.

That would be great. Rabbit and Itsa especially seem to have selective memories. If I ask a direct question about something they said they ignore it like they never said it. Itsa said something to the effect that 90% of countries with socialized healthcare hated it. I asked over and over to name those countries and he just ignored the question. I wonder why there are so few "new" posters on here. it would be nice to read other opinions beside the same old ones over and over. Maybe because they are 'cowed" by the old ones that seem not open to discussion at all.

Sorry, you have me confused with someone else. Please before you insinuate that someone is a liar, you might want to try a little intellectual honesty. And I never had an avatar from the VDare site which I don't even know what VDare is. I do speak out often about CELDF which is a Left wing extremist site. I find nothing extreme about expecting immigrants to come here legally, not trusting the UN which appoints countries like Venezuela and China to its Human Rights Commission and wanting to just understand why progressives would not just say: "ok, to put this to rest, show the birth certificate".

Oh my, Itsa is a birther. I never knew that. It explains so much. .

Well, I must say it will be interesting in 2017 when the Repubs finally run everything again. Ryan's budget will voucher medicare, social security benefits cut. Obamacare repealed,(tell that to seven million plus people) probably a war or two to please people like Bill Kristol. NO minimum wage. But all the billionaires will be happy of course, too bad about the rest of us.

More proof that we need to do away with 1) lobbyists 2) political parties.

Check out the Robert's court latest ruling. Democracy sold to the highest bidder.

I wonder if he heard Belman is leaving the Monitor (who isnt??) and will be covering him from Mass?

If Republicans don't rubber stamp they get "primaried". By the way since the Supreme Court decided the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is actually in Kittery, Me, I think that makes Brown a Maniac and not a Live free or Dier.

pretty sure that was decided after Brown was born. It was considered NH when he was born there...hence the name.

Come, come, it was always considered ME until NH decided to appeal. For someone who made a big deal about Warren's bio I am surprised he fudged this detail because it doesn't matter he is considered a MA politician. But as Scott would say "whatever."

Hey, I just realized that Wikipedia was right after all.

then that makes the Monitor reporter wrong...

It is not just NObamaKare that is a mess - so is the Dept of Agriculture and the Dept of Education, The Dept of Energy, HHS, HUD.....the Capitol is a molasses factory were all things go to slow down or stop completely. Block Grant the money back to the states and close down this mess of a city - region

This guy seems like a one trick pony. There is a lot more going on in NH than Obamacare . Where does he stand on the Northern Pass for instance?

thats we know where Shaheen stands on it?

Scott, you need more than boilerplate anti-ACA drek if you want to win.You need a solid alternative that's better than the ACA, but since the ACA passed in 2010, your team has come up with Zero alternatives. When you have a good one, come see us, till then, stay in Mass!

The majority of real Americans do NOT want any govt involved in their health care in any way. Nobody has to propose any solution to your perceived problem where none exists.

I think you will find that 99.9% of people on Medicare are very happy to have the government involved in their health care. Medicaid also.

The mere fact that you believe that there was no problem with our Pre-ACA healthcare system is amazing. Just further solidifies the fact that you really have no clue about real world issues and as such are someone here to only entertain. Good job, proof is in the post. Whiners just seem to be more vocal than those who are not so blind to issues. It doesn't take any real work to rant and rail, just a keyboard.

forgot to address this to Sail, BPR or whatever we are calling our self today.

care to list all your names here at the Monitor???

guess not...

My user name is my name, you here of a phone book. Brave talk from a coward who wouldn't dare use his own. didnt answer the question..

Since obviously the Master Troll and chief bottle washer won't shut-up until I do. From day one when commenting started it was GCarson, I changed to Mauser1 at my wife's request because her school administration took an unkindly view of dissent, even on my part, that has since changed. I then went back to GCarson so I could safely view those that hide behind screen names as being to embarrassed to put their names to their views. Now can we get back to the issue?

I am a little old retired lady living in Epsom. I have very decided views on the many things, including the separation of Church and State. I sometimes wrote letters to the editor and then would get crazy letters and phone calls from religious fanatics. Now I post under my cat's name and I am glad I did considering some of the responses I get. ITSA thinks he has figured me out and enjoys trying to out me with hints to my identity. Why I don't know, since he is very careful to hide his.

Itsa does that to me too. Doesn't phase me in the least considering I use the same screen name on every forum I belong to. Actually he's welcome to come knock on my door. I'd be happy to give him directions to where I think he belongs.

Nah, I don't want him at my door. I don't think we would have much to say to each other.

Please Devil Doc, give me directions to where you think I belong. That is really classy. All because you don't agree with another person on health care, immigration, Obama, etc. I have to ask, who is the intolerant one? Phil needs to check the mirror.

It's got nothing to do with that, and you know it. Knowing who I am is not going to intimidate me.

85% of real Americans got their health insurance through their employer and got 100% of their care in the greatest health care system in the world. Americans have always loved their most advanced health care in the world.... it is already known liberals dont live in the real world.

Talk about not living in the real world. When you get back from Oz do a little research. The only category that the US healthcare system score #1 in is expense. Look to the Swiss for that distinction. We are not even in the top 5. Expensive doesn't mean good. We have a very advanced medical research capabilities but delivery of services is abysmal. To compound your ludicrous views is your constant use of the term "real Americans". The mere use of the phrase goes to show that you have no idea of what an American is. Find yourself a time machine and return to the '50's and Joseph McCarthy. At least by your definition I am a real American since I to have health insurance. I always thought there was a notion of freedom that came with being one.

To paraphrase Frank Zappa, you wouldn't know a real American if he bit you in the butt. Oh, and BTW, Mr. Reagan couldn't even win a Republican primary, say nothing about a general election.

There was no real issue with it, 85% of Americans liked it. To convenience a small group of people, everyone's health care was uprooted and everyone was inconvenienced. I am not thrilled that I have to now subsidize others, get less for more cost and stand in line behind those whom I am subsidizing. Why do you find that so hard to understand?

and just where did you get that percentage from? I found a poll done that stated 69% were satisfied, doesn't mean they liked it. What about those with preexisting conditions for one group. The issue wasn't they liked it, the issue was they had no other choice. How can you still think that our healthcare system was great when people had been trying to change it since Carter was President. BTW, I wasn't uprooted or inconvenienced, so your comment that everybody was is totally false. Also if you truly believe you weren't subsidizing peoples healthcare prior to ACA, you are dreaming. That is why the costs are so high to start with. I find it hard to understand how you cannot get it.

What are you talking about? I'm not paying a dime more than I was before ACA; I'm not standing in any lines, and I'm not getting any less. I suspect neither are you.

Just like the majority of real Americans don't want the Gov't involved in the bedroom and a woman's right to her body. Seems the conservatives are real hypocrites.

its a fact that Shaheen votes 99% of the time with her party...facts are stubborn things as I keep having to say. There are about 50% of us here in NH that are getting quite tired of it.

Shaheen votes 92% with Dems.. Ayotte votes 84% with Repubs. I found that out on Ballot pedia. You just write "fact' which along with "headline" seems to mean no proof is needed if a right winger writes it. Be that as it may, I still do not understand the problem of electing a Dem (or Repub) and not expect them to vote with their party, otherwise what is the point of a party designation? .

lets just elect rubber stamps instead...

Perhaps if we could stop being so diametrically opposed on issues and find common ground we could focus on issues rather than parties. Nobody is in the right all the time except in the world of "comments" it appears.

Good point but you need to address that with some of the commenters on here. I have offered solutions to Obamacare, taxes, etc. to responses that are snarky or a diatribe of statistics massaged to make a narrow point. My suggestion is that you start to challenge those with your same views first. Now, if this forum was not snarky and people could say "I think" versus have statistics from all kinds of websites used as the reason why things must stay the course, we might get somewhere. A smart remark to one statement in a post goes on and on and on with one poster and another poster on the other side. How about some "well, what do you think?" discussion?

Comments appealing for "moderation" and to meet halfway that come from one who in the past has quoted approvingly from birthers, Birchers, racist anti-immigration advocates and other extremists, and routinely posts foreign policy suggestions that would start a shooting war in 30 minutes, are laughable. The political leaders of the Tea Party, the Groksters, and their followers aren't interested in compromise, but in pursuing a scorched earth policy of radicalism, all the while trying to paint their opponents as un-American while they claim the mantle of "real Americans". Let's be clear: With their gun fetish, conspiracy views of history and economics, disdain for democracy, and their thinly disguised bigotry, they have more in common with fascism than with traditional Republican ideals.

Lets, see Bruce, gun fetish, disdain for democracy, bigotry etc, in your post, pretty much proves Itsa's point. So much for civil rhetoric, getting together and solving problems requires respect and compromise. You are not going to get that by accusing folks of being bigots right out of the gate. But then again, The President is a man of color, so why not use that to protect his policies from being judged. And when was the last time we heard President Obama tell folks to knock it off calling folks racists when they disagreed with his policies? Try Never.

As usual, you've ignored/missed the entire point of my post. Any call for 'moderation' from one who in the past has quoted approvingly from extremist birthers (Jerome Corsi), Birchers (Agenda 21), and racist anti-immigrant sites (VDARE) should be taken with a large grain of salt--in this case one large enough to choke a horse. When the poster in question (and other Carpers generally) begin to moderate their opinions on many topics, and start to rely on more than a single cherry-picked factoid that is larded over with extremely conservative (and that's being charitable) and often paranoid b.s on any given topic (climate change for one), then we have a chance to have a dialogue. Failing that, a distorted ,absolutist reading of the 2nd Amendment (including talk about 'insurrection'), paranoid interpretations of the Fed and the role of the Federal government, the U.N., a view of states' rights that would have been at home in the Confederacy, active support for voter suppression (restricting hours and eliminating days, "purging" the rolls), coupled with a general willingness to reject fact-based arguments when they conflict with beliefs, place one so far to the right that they border on neo-fascism. What percentage of Tea Partiers are formerly entitled "angry white men"? Pseudo-populist, anti-immigrant, militaristic, aptly describe both this group of TPers and neo-fascists. I would welcome a substantive discussion of this topic. It would begin with an acknowledgement by any of the Carpers about just how far to the right, and out of the mainstream they and many in the GOP have traveled in 3 decades.

Thanks RabbitNH. When did the President reach across the aisle and compromise. On Obamacare there has been NO compromise, he takes the progressive "my way or the highway" approach and his supporters follow suit.

Itsa, your doing it again. How could there be any compromise on ACA, all the TP powered GOP was willing to consider was repealing it. No amending, no suggested changes just eliminate it. The GOP would have to be willing to compromise. The govt shutdown was brought about because certain factions within the GOP pushed for de-fund Obamacare or shutdown the government. Come on, you know better. The no compromise was all the GOP doing.

There are many people who want the same thing but the approaches are diametrically opposed. The way Obamacare was passed and the dictatorial attitude of Democrats from Pelosi to Reid to Obama of "you are going to take this and like it, there is no compromise" kind of demeanor is the whole issue. It was rammed through by progressives who were on a power trip after being out of power for so long.

Actually.... the ACA was full of compromises, mostly (IMHO) designed to water down its impact. Remember the "Public Option?" Eliminated because Republicans didn't like it. In hindsight, even though there was lots of republican input into the final law, since none of them voted for it, the democrats probably didn't need to compromise on anything and it would have passed without being beaten into an unrecognizable lump. Perhaps that's where people are now getting the idea that there was no compromise - the fact that Republicans still wouldn't vote for it, even when their ideas were incorporated. ------

Public Option=you pay for my health insurance and yours too....Republicans pushed back and it is a good thing that they did as the original bill was even more of a disaster.

You are incorrect about the public option FOF. One reason it did -not happen was because the President made a deal with the for profit hospital lobbyists to exclude it. Also, a handful of moderate Dems were against the PO, and the Dems needed their votes.

There is no room for compromise with you or the other Carpers. You were touting birther nonsense from the likes of Jerome Coursi and Orly Taitz before the 2008 election, and continued to do so after the election. Your appeal now rings hollow. You and the other Carpers on here--all representative of the Tea Party strain of so-called "conservative" GOPers-- were never interested in compromise, only in distortions, nay-saying, obstruction, smears, and undermining any and every single thing this administration has tried to do.

So Bruce, you are judge, jury and executioner? You have dismissed us so I guess that we can't count on your for compromise? It is over? Your way or the highway? You made our point, thank you!

I'm not the extremist who since 2008 has spouted far-right, paranoid nonsense about Obama, immigrants and climate scientists, to choose 3 examples. Those who hold scorched earth, no-compromise Tea party views are the ones who need to change. With any luck, the muddle-headed, no-nothing views epitomized by the TPers will fade away, as the nation and the American people move on to deal with fact-based reality.

Give me a break. All I ever get is "facts, facts, where is your source? blah, blah,.

Address that with some of the commenters? I am not sure you are cognizant of what that entails? I have a father in law who is one of those that have been predicting the collapse of our society into anarchy since the mid 1980's. I could deliver to him a tablet carved by God's own hand, saving he is being paranoid. He would dismiss it as a conspiracy. There are a select group of commenters here that are not interested in anything other than what they perceive as fact. How do you communicate with that. You are labeled as not being a "real American" if you disagree with BPR and you usually jump to his defense. In Van's absence, he is the most biased set in his belief that only his way of thinking is valid. In essence he is a prime example of just what is wrong with this country and why we can't resolve any problems. Compromise is his way or no way. So by all means I am open to suggestions on communicating, but I think you might try reasoning with him yourself.

The leader of your party called us liars and then yesterday Harry Reid said he never said that - go ahead show us some common ground from your party

Perhaps you are defined by a party but I'm not. Reid doesn't speak for me. But what has that to do with calling yourself a real American as opposed to all the other American's. I didn't say republicans are liars, people are liars. You just don't get it, the party shouldn't define the person or whether they are real American's. You can believe what you want, doesn't mean it's true though. Just saying it over and over doesn't make it any more believeable

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