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Belmont couple charged by moose under investigation

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A New Hampshire husband and wife charged by a moose while snowmobiling in Maine are under investigation for possibly following the animal.

The Maine Warden Service said it is examining video of the encounter last week in Jackman, Maine, that was posted on YouTube by Janis and Bob Powell of Belmont.

Cpl. John MacDonald said if it’s determined the couple followed the moose, they could be charged with misdemeanor wildlife harassment and fined $500.

Bob Powell told the Portland Press Herald that while they got closer to the animal than anticipated, he and his wife are experienced snowmobilers who know better than to follow wildlife.

He said when the moose charged, its hoof grazed his spine. He was not hurt.

The moose fled when his wife fired a warning shot.

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Matt, Thank you for checking in. Seems I can hear her say "Let me see if I can get my gun out" at about the 1:22-1:24 mark. If gun wasn't concealed, she wouldn't have to get it out. Channel 9/WMUR used same terminology regarding "get my gun out" in their televised report. I'm hoping she doesn't have a Maine permit to carry a concealed firearm, because the Powells are guilty as sin of chasing this moose. The population has been getting depleted through a spate of warm winters we've been enjoying, the most recent one being an old-fashioned bone-chiller, of course. The warm winters have allowed the tick population to multiply, and thrive on deer and MOOSE, amongst others. So, most any moose out there will have a good amount of ticks on its hide. The Powells obviously just don't get it. Thanks, again.

For you gun people out there, is a NH firearms permit good in Maine?

No it's not, but a permit is only required to carry a firearm concealed in either state. Open carry is legal without a permit. You can't tell from the video but a case could be made it was being carried in the open. It isn't hard to get a Maine permit though, and a lot of people in NH have them. None of this excuses chasing the moose like they did.

Matt, I don't believe she can claim her .380 was being carried out in the open. Although the audio is a little low here, you can still distinctly hear her say, "Let me see if I can get my gun out!". So, it had to be concealed in order for her to 'get it out'. Also, WMUR-TV9 mentions Janis getting her gun out in their report via an abridged version of same video. I think it comes down to whether or not she had a Maine permit to carry a concealed firearm.

First charge these two clowns should be hit with is Extreme Stupidity...for posting their escapade online. Otherwise, someone should run a check to see if they have a gun permit in Maine. Not my field of expertise, but I understand NH and Maine share no reciprocity in this regard. So, they may just have a NH gun permit, which would leave them subject to arrest for firing off that pistol in Maine. Heck, even Bullwinkle wouldn't have been this stupid.

Isn't this just horrible, following a moose on a snowmobile? It would be legal if they bought a hunting license and shot one.

Actually Waltham Watch - no it wouldn't. A hunting license alone does not make one eligible to kill a moose legally. You need the license, and then you have to enter the Moose lottery in the hopes that your name will get drawn for a permit. Permits are drawn in early June each year and NH F&G monitors moose populations closely and adjusts the number of permits issued each year accordingly.

Dear Concord Monitor: Why was the moose under investigation ?

LOL! I expect to see a story in the Monitor this week welcoming their newest reports, Boris and Natasha.

Saw this on facebook and now it's all over the news. I'm not anti-snowmobiler but these people were way over the line. How can they claim that they weren't chasing the animal when they shot video footage of themselves . . . CHASING THE ANIMAL?!?!?!? Throw the book at 'em!

In what way is this NOT chasing that moose??? Throw the book at these people. Better yet, take their keys away.

Pretty evident that the Powells should be charged. You "are experienced snowmobilers who know better than to follow wildlife." Really? What exactly are they doing in this video? I hope they throw the book at them in Maine.

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