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Gender reveal party lets the expectant couple share the joy of surprise

So my wife Mary and I are having a baby.

Well technically she is, but I will also be responsible for raising the next Goodwin.

We found out just a few days before Christmas and decided to keep it a secret for a little while, which was not easy being around friends and family for the holidays. As the weeks went on we told a few people, but really wanted to get through the first trimester before we made it a public thing.

And we could not be more excited. We’ve been talking about having kids since before we got married and it’s a little crazy that it’s happening.

Because, you see, this is our first, which makes us both overjoyed beyond words and overwhelmingly scared.

From the very beginning, there has been little question that this baby is a boy. Despite having no medical proof (or any proof at all for that matter), Mary and I were convinced we were having a boy. One hundred percent. No questions asked. The results from our ultrasound were a mere formality.

But like many expecting couples these days, we decided to have a little fun with finding out the gender of our baby. It is our first child after all, so why not go all out?

Mary had seen this thing called a cake reveal on some website and asked what I thought. What you do is have your ultrasound results sealed in an envelope and then have someone – preferably someone who can keep a big secret – make you a cake with either blue or pink frosting inside. Once you cut it open, the delicious dessert reveals whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Why not? Having a bunch of family and friends over for food and cake is right up my alley.

When we arrived for my wife’s ultrasound on April 23, we told our technician about our plan. She wrote down the results and sealed them for us. Not even the doctor knew. All we had to do was not peek. Lucky for us, we set up a meeting with our cake maker for right after the ultrasound appointment, so the chances to steam open the envelope or hold it under a bright light were quite limited.

After handing off the envelope it was up to the baker to line the inside of the cake with blue or pink frosting.

Since our party was only three days later, the wait wasn’t that long, and for us the suspense seemed a little trivial since we had it all figured out.

The cake was incredible looking. The vanilla buttercream frosting on the outside did a great job of keeping the secret hidden within. The phrase on top was simple: “He or She? Open to See!” It was written in alternating blue and pink frosting so it didn’t give anything away. All day I envisioned eating lots of blue frosting.

You should have seen my face when the knife exited the cake after the first cut covered in pink.

Since the lettering was in both colors, I assumed it had come from the frosting on the top. We were having a boy; I was sure of it. The next cut, though, showed us the undeniably pink frosting inside the cake.

The hooting and hollering from our close to 50 guests grew when I hoisted that first piece into the air to announce that we are having a little girl.

Talk about life throwing you a curve ball.

Now I have no idea why I was so convinced it was a boy. Maybe it was because my wife was sure it was a boy, or because some other friends had told us they also thought it was going to be a boy.

Back to the cake; it was delicious. We ate it for a few days, actually, and each time I saw that pink frosting peeking out it threw me for a loop. I even had a friend (who came out on the wrong side of a bet) ask us two days later if it was still pink. It was.

The initial shock has worn off and we couldn’t be more excited that it’s a girl. We’ve painted the nursery and my wife has even started buying some clothes. We’re just excited for her arrival, and the due date just happens to be three months from today.

Oh the things we need to do before she arrives.


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