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My Turn: We need to stop killing the Earth, each other

Finally! The United Nations and the United States agree that climate change is here now and is going to get worse.

They warn we need to prepare for the new reality of destructive and unprecedented weather events.

I’m one of many baby boomer, liberal, tree-hugging peace-lovers, now grandparents, who have been warning about global warming for 50 years.

The extreme weather has become so horrific, even those with their heads in the sand are now paying attention.

But unless we deal with the causes of global warming, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is going to continue rising. We must immediately implement strict regulation of all engines that burn fossil fuels and engage in a global effort to develop renewable sources of energy.

If we can invent the iPhone, we can figure out how to harness the power of the sun, wind and ocean to provide inexpensive energy for all. We must stop being pawns in the fossil fuel rape of the Earth for the privilege of sitting in traffic and making the super-wealthy even richer.

Fracking is a significant weapon of environmental destruction. It pollutes local groundwater with hundreds of chemicals, drains the local water table during a national drought and causes earthquakes. Fracking should be outlawed as a crime against the Earth.

Isn’t it also time to stop making war on each other? Isn’t it time to outlaw war and form a global entity able to enforce basic rules of human behavior, a United Nations with teeth? One that would not allow a group such as Boko Haram to sell Nigerian girls who want an education.

These are crimes against humanity that should not be allowed. We must stop waging war on the Earth and our fellow human beings. This behavior goes hand in hand, and it’s only the will of the people demanding change that can alter the history we’re writing through our indifference and inaction.

(Sol Solomon lives in Sutton.)

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