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Crazy as it sounds, it used to be that people found out whether they had a son or a daughter after they had given birth. These days it’s rare to find a couple who wants to wait to find out the sex of their baby. How will they know what color to paint the nursery or whether to register for a pink or blue stroller?

But gone are the days when parents had to find out whether they would be seeing pink or blue in a dark ultrasound room accompanied only by a technician they barely knew. The gender reveal phenomenon has added a sweet element of surprise and celebration to the act of finding out whether it’s a boy or a girl, and the creative possibilities for staging your own are endless. From parties to photo sessions, there are a ton of adorable ideas out there for finding out the sex of your little bundle of joy. Here are a handful of fun choices we found online:

Balloons in a box: Take a sealed envelope containing the information about your baby’s gender to a party store and ask them to fill a box with helium balloons in pink or blue. Open the box in front of a photographer or surrounded by family and friends.

Play dress up: Go to a department store with your envelope in hand. Choose two outfits, one for a boy and one for a girl. Hand both of the outfits and the envelope to the cashier and ask her to box up the appropriate one and wrap the box.

Pull some strings: Have a party store fill a baby-themed pinata with candy and small trinkets in the appropriate color, then pull the strings in front of family and friends to reveal whether your sweet addition will be a girl or a boy.

Say it with spray: Ask a party store to wrap a bunch of cans of either blue or pink silly string in white paper and tie a pink and a blue ribbon around each can. Hand the cans to guests at your gender reveal party and have them all spray them at the same time.

It’s raining reveal: Have a party store fill a helium balloon with the appropriate color glitter or confetti. When you’re ready for the big reveal, simply pop the balloon.


Gender reveal party lets the expectant couple share the joy of surprise

Monday, April 28, 2014

So my wife Mary and I are having a baby. Well technically she is, but I will also be responsible for raising the next Goodwin. We found out just a few days before Christmas and decided to keep it a secret for a little while, which was not easy being around friends and family for the holidays. As the weeks …

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