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My Turn: Brown gives Republicans best chance to beat Shaheen

Republicans have an opportunity this fall to win back the United States Senate and take a big step toward repealing Obamacare once and for all.

But to do that, we must nominate a candidate who can beat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, and that’s why I am supporting Scott Brown.

Brown is committed to fighting for conservative causes in the Senate. He has already voted five times to repeal Obamacare and will continue to be one of the country’s leading voices against the disaster that this health care law has become.

He supports a balanced budget amendment to help get a handle on our 17 trillion dollar debt. And he believes the best way to create more jobs is by letting people keep more of their hard-earned money by keeping taxes low.

Recently, much has been made of a conversation I had with former Sen. Bob Smith when he said we deserved to have Shaheen if we nominated Scott Brown.

It’s laughable for flailing candidates like Smith to try to attack Brown’s conservative credentials. Bob must have a short memory, because not too long ago he left the Republican Party to run for president. He also must be forgetting that he endorsed John Kerry for president in 2004, despite the fact that the current secretary of state is far from being a conservative leader.

As Republicans, we can’t afford to nominate someone as disloyal to the party as Smith.

Unlike Smith, Brown has been a proud member of the GOP since he was 18 years old and has supported the party throughout his career. On all the issues of the day, most notably taxes, spending, and Obamacare, Scott Brown will be a strong voice in the Senate for conservatives across New Hampshire. He also will stand up for gun owners across New Hampshire.

Brown is not going to Washington to propose new gun laws, and as a military member for 35 years, we can count on him to stand up for Granite Staters’ Second Amendment rights.

His record in the Senate shows that while he did work in a bipartisan fashion, he consistently took stands to thwart the Obama Administration’s plans to grow the size of government and move America in a liberal direction.

Brown’s record stands sharply in contrast with that of Shaheen. Her Senate term should be considered nothing short of a massive failure. She is the definition of a rubber stamp, voting 99 percent of the time with the president, after promising to be an independent in Washington. She continues to support Obamacare, despite all the trouble it is causing New Hampshire families.

In addition to the law forcing 22,000 citizens across New Hampshire to lose their coverage, including myself, New Hampshire families are being turned away from hospitals. The law has had a negative effect on the economy as well.

This is all after she promised that, “If you liked your plan, you could keep it,” and this inaccurate statement was deemed the 2013 “Lie of the Year.”

Shaheen also still stubbornly opposes the Keystone Pipeline, even though the approval of this plan will create thousands of jobs for Americans. For Majority Leader Harry Reid to allow Shaheen’s energy bill to come to the floor, just so she could tell New Hampshire that she tried but Republicans voted it down, is the perfect example of political theater.

Perhaps if her campaign was not being bankrolled by environmentalist Tom Steyer, she would do the right thing and support this pipeline, which will provide relief to the economies of New Hampshire and America.

(Jerry Thibodeau lives in Rumney and is a former Manchester GOP chairman.)

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Brown has a proven record of Bipartisan voting - Shaheen is a "yes Sir" gal - Shaheen ruined NH health care and has now done the same to the nation - she is a career politician. Ask her a question and watch her obfuscate it into a non answer - that is what we have a career "yes sir" politician - beholden to the left wing of America can't possibly be a member of the 'middle class' or the 'poor', because you support the party that is "Of the 1%, By the 1%, and FOR the 1%". Do some research for yourself, Jerry. The National Republican Party is owned by the rich and they allow the 'religious right' there to curry favor among the faithful. Tell me, Jerry, can you name three things that the NRP has done in the last fifty years for the middle class or poor?? And, don't give me that bull about keep taxes low; when Dick Cheney pushed through the 2001 Bush Tax Cuts, he knew it would increase the National Debt by $1.35 Trillion BUT it would give Billions to his rich friends. Jerry, have you seen how much the rich have increased over the past three decades while the middle class has lost income?? Do you care?? The NRP doesn't care, obviously.

Three things? Tax cuts......and tax cuts. The Democrats and some republicans just can't stop spending.

OK, lets cut to the chase on this. Sen. Shaheen may not be the favorite of the GOP but she has served and lived in NH since 1973 and has served NH in the State Senate and then again as a two term Gov. of this State. So I ask Mr. Political Operative, who do you think could best serve NH's citizens. Someone with a long and popular history serving NH or ..... Wait you aren't talking about serving NH you are talking about serving the GOP. That's what this is all about. We used to elect our politicians as our representatives in Washington, now it seems we are hell bent on getting "R" in the NH seat regardless if he knows anything more about NH than as a vacation getaway. So here we have it, a 43 year resident with a history of service to the state. Or a vacationing single term politician from Mass who now calls this home to get elected. Mr. Thibodeau, your priorities are clear just getting a republican elected regardless of NH citizens. This clearly isn't about NH this is about partisan national politics.

How does a person that votes with her party just south of 100% of the time represent or serve NH? As a I just wasting my time when I write to Shaheen?? Any of this sinking in?

How about me? Am I wasting my time when I write to Ayotte? First she sends an email saying "thanks for writing", then a few days later another email saying "Sen Ayotte will answer soon" and then ten days later a form letter that usually has nothing to do with what I wrote. Oh well, guess I just have to keep voting for Democrats.

you would not vote for a Responsible Republican if your life depended upon it so that post ranks right up there in the insincerity scale

Haven't seen a "Responsible Republican" since Rudman.

that is your reason for voting for democrats? liberals.....sheeeeesh

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