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An open letter to Governor Hassan and the Legislature on Northern Pass:

I hope you read the recent article titled “Burying electrical transmission lines not so simple” (Monitor, May 18).

As a concerned resident of our great state who lived in a time when major corporations provided good-paying jobs for average Joes like me, I fear the high cost of energy will continue to be a major factor in their disappearance and prohibitive to our state’s economic growth.

Federal emissions regulations are causing coal plants to close. Energy suppliers are depending more on natural gas, and limited transmission means higher consumer costs.

Northern Pass, as proposed, would provide renewable hydropower to the grid. Some Northern Pass critics believe it would harm scenic New Hampshire, and while I find those arguments passionate, they are rather vague.

Yes, I think the route in nearly every mile of transmission should follow current power lines or roadways and underground where economically feasible.

But that aside, the project must go forward.

Hydropower is clean, renewable and reliable energy that would increase supply on the grid, lowering prices and providing reliability that manufacturing companies need.

Northern Pass represents an opportunity for good jobs, tens of millions in new tax revenue and economic growth. We can be one of the top manufacturing states again if we start here. I am asking all of those who have the responsibility to review this project to move it forward quickly.



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Scuttle the ancient beauty of the White Mountains just to give recent HS grads a job? Puh-leeze... Problem here is, it won't be like the Loudon Road reconfiguration plan for The Heights; just paint over it if things don't work out. Once it's done, it's done. I agree with "I_love_NH"; bury it or forget it.

ancient beauty??? NH was 80% farmland not long ago...its a powerline in the ROW of an existing powerline. I know it does me no good to argue the point....whats the average age of citizens in the north counties again??? 65??

GWTW, Opportunity itself may not be the problem, if the average age of northern county HS grads is 65. Now calm down, and go easy on that "?" key, before you end up crying 96 Tears.

who said the average age of northern county HS grads is 65?? I said citizens! Are you to argue the fact young people leave this state in droves? Young people need jobs...NH provides precious few...up north even less

Was just kidding about the 65-yr-old HS grads...sheeshk. To the point; when was northern NH ever a job mecca for anyone, young or old? According to you, GWTW, we're now supposed to industrialize the most scenic part of the Granite State to create jobs? Not on my watch. Cut the crap.

when was northern NH ever a job mecca for anyone, young or old? about the turn of the century....look up Berlin re paper industry...at one time the largest supplier of newsprint in the world.

Remember it well, GWTW, and the stench that hung like a pall over the region as a result. The foul smells emitted from that mill were so bad, property values in Berlin were dwarfed to about half of those in towns beyond its malodorous perimeter. Who wants to live inside of a giant fart? You must be on the city planning board.

Berlins population is now half of what it was 60 years ago. So...what was it that built the northern towns anyway?? Tourism or..industry??? Those towns up north would not exist today without the industry that built them.

More false promises from another Koch lackey about the rosy future that awaits us if only we will agree to subsidize this misguided proposal with our property values and our state's scenic beauty. What's vague about about a 200 mile long line of sky scraping towers and sagging cables? - a method outlawed or left behind in most states in our region who have chosen modern underground methods instead - for a long list of good reasons. The New England Clean Power Link in neighboring VT is moving to add the same Canadian hydropower to the New England grid - but completely underground like in Maine, CT, NY, Canada, etc. Why should we trash our state to line the pockets of out of state and foreign corporations who look down their noses at us and see us only as a potential goldmine to exploit for their own profit at our expense? There are many more contractors and workers in NH that are qualified to do the minimal excavation [42 - 48 INCHES] required of underground transmission than there are specialized workers in tower construction doing extensive damage that would result from massive towers up to 15 stories or more on huge foundations up to 50 FEET deep through the heart of NH. Bury it - just like everybody else does - or forget it. NH first for a change. If your Senator and Rep. won't stand up for NH by supporting the underground method for large scale power transmission - Vote for one who will!

Mighty hard logic terming "Scenic New Hampshire" as vague, when millions take their annual vague-cations just to see it.

Surprise! Manchester resident supports Northern Pass. Dog bites man, grass grows . . .

SURPRISE : NOBAMA and democrats to close power plants across the nation - local Visual Purist NIMBYS fight to stop a critical National Security power supply

SURPRISE: The TRUE NIMBYS from CT say "Bury is the law in CT and no wind farms in CT but NU of CT will be glad to trash NH with massive towers so CT can have the power. The TRUE NIMBYS are the first to point their finger but it's a crock. This is more corporate welfare for a failing company on the backs of NH property and small business owners and rate payers who are on the hook for whatever goes wrong - like every other scheme they've ever come up with.

every argument put forth by the opposition has been easily dispensed. The "Visual Purism" defense is an un-American NIMBY position. America's national security needs makes projects like this and Keystone pipeline beyond urgent - BUILD IT NOW

is you are a recent HS graduate in the north country...what are you doing for work? Are you leaving the state? There are very few prospects north of Laconia. There seems to be a cabal of rich white landowners that dont want you to have any opportunity other than to leave the state. A powerline mostly in the ROW is not going to impact your business and it may spur a little badly needed growth.

Rich white landowners? You mean the Republican 1 percent, like Romney? How do you think he would like it, if it spoiled his view of the Lake

You mean like the Kennedy's vigorously fought the windmills off their KaBillion $$$$ Cape beachfront

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